Learn about the backbone of the VNS community – the advisors.

Culture & Community

Experience the environment that ignites curiosity and fuels creativity.

The administration of Valley New School is shared by the staff. Curriculum and Assessment, Budget, Marketing/Recruitment, Discipline, Testing/Reporting, Charter Reporting/Grant Applications, Site Maintenance, and Special Events (e.g. Family Nights, dances/celebrations, graduation, school-wide projects) are some of the areas handled by the advisors. Responsibility is apportioned according to expertise and interest, along with the occasional short straw. VNS advisors hold a weeklong retreat each summer to examine performance and future goals. The AASD Assistant Superintendent of Schools also evaluates the staff using the district-approved tools.

The Advisors form the Site Management Committee that is responsible for all aspects of the daily operation of VNS. The VNS Governance Board (VGB) oversees the mission/strategic plan of the school, coordinates public relations strategies, establishes policies, oversees and approves the budget, and interprets laws and policies. The VGB is comprised of the four advisors, four VNS parents, four VNS students, and two community members. Meetings are held monthly and are open to all, affording the opportunity for input from students, parents, and the community.